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Say goodbye to shared hosting

It should be a crime to charge someone big money to host their site and then put them on a shared host. A dedicated IP address insulates your website from Blackhat SEO and potentially disreputable sites.

What’s more is that a dedicated VPS setup gives you total control over your application and root access to the server.

Not only can we quickly and affordably provision standard software packages for many kinds of web packages, we can custom configure code and compile from the source.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Other firms will put your application on a shared host and a shared IP. dabEOS gives you a private server environment with VERY significant SEO and security benefits.

Cheaper than the competition

A higher price doesn't mean better service. Less experienced developer have to charge more to make up for their lower efficiency. dabEOS gives you more at a much lower price.

Keep track of your clients

Excel is a nice spreadsheet application, but it's not for keeping tabs on your customers. We can custom build solutions that let you do less work and get more business.

Online Payments

If you aren't accepting online payments you're losing money. We can integrate easy to use PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.NET payment gateways.

You can't catch fish if your bait isn't online!

Your customers expect to know all about your business before they call.

Furthermore, as much as 50% of your potential client base probably expects to be able to make some orders online or through their phone.

Shared hosts limit your functionality and hurt your online visibility.



Flat Fee

  • Private VPS (Root access, No sharing!)
  • Apache - Classic Web Server
  • OR substitute Fast NGINX Web Server
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  • SSL Certificate plus Installation
  • WordPress - CMS
  • Self manageable
  • Managed Hosting from $29/month
  • Custom work available from $50/hour
  • Transferable to whomever you want.


Flat Fee

  • Private VPS (Root access, No sharing!)
  • Fast NGINX Server
  • MongoDB - NoSQL database
  • nodejs - JavaScript runtime
  • SSL Certificate plus Installation
  • KeyStone.js - CMS
  • Self manageable
  • Managed Hosting from $50/month
  • Custom development available from $39/hour
  • Transferable to whomever you want.


Flat Fee

  • Private VPS (Root access, No sharing!)
  • IIS 10.0
  • SQL Server Express
  • ASP.NET Framework
  • SSL Certificate plus Installation
  • Umbraco CMS
  • Self manageable
  • Managed Hosting from $49/month
  • Custom development available from $80/hour
  • Transferable to whomever you want.

Frequently asked questions

No. The Starter Kit builds a private server environment and includes:

  1. Azure VPS
  2. Centos 7+ operating system
  3. Unique static IP
  4. Server configured using NGINX
  5. PHP installation
  6. Secured MySQL Installation
  7. SSL certificate
  8. SSL certificate installation
  9. WordPress Installation

From there you can build out your site yourself using easy point and click tools or WordPress plugins OR you can have our developers do it for you. If you want the VPS transferred to your own account we can do that too.

No. You don’t necessarily need any CMS software. We have experience building sites in CodeIgniter, Laravel, plain, old fashioned PHP, Nodejs and ASP.NET MVC. We’re happy to build basically any server based application. Don’t hesitate to call and ask if you have a special request.

Shared hosting means that your site is shared with countless other sites. The hosting provider then has to limit your access to certain settings, files and functions. This means that your functionality is limited. Even then you may still be exposed to hacks that that originate on someone else’s site.

A virtual private server gives you root access and is insulated from outside threats.

Google, and other major search engines seem to penalize sites who share IP addresses with sites that use Black hat SEO tactics, host potentially illegal material, or at best that host low quality material. A unique static IP address says that you are an independent server with no ties to any dubious companies or Black hat hackers.

What are your waiting for? Reach out  to us or just call and ask. We’re really excited for your and your business and can’t wait to find ways to make you more money!

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